"The electronic book will not replace the printed one"

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In the decline in sales of printed publications, it is not the electronic books that are to blame, but the lack of economic conditions for the survival of bookstores, the expert said. The significant growth of electronic books in Russia raises doubts: it is necessary to study in detail the initial data before claiming that users have become more read e-books than prints. This was stated by Nadezhda Mikhailova, the head of the Moscow Book House, the president of the Association of Booksellers of Independent States, commenting on the statistics to the correspondent of the REGNUM news agency that media consumption in Russia grew by 8%. "Increased demand for e-books, for example, may be associated with the closure of a number of large pirate sites, from which the downloading of books. As a result, people who prefer to use the electronic format of the book simply switched from pirate to legal content, and this can be used to show a supposedly large increase in consumption. Thus, there is no actual surge in Russia, it's all about official data, which has changed to date, "the expert said. "We need to understand that the process of reading can happen in different ways: someone is more comfortable reading the text on electronic media, and someone in print, one does not exclude the other. For example, in European countries, the issue of replacing electronic products is not even worth it, the electronic book has taken a certain niche, and this small percentage of consumption has been stable for more than a year, "said Mikhailova. "Regarding the drop in demand for printed book products, unfortunately, this trend is taking place. According to our estimates, for the year the sales of bookshops in Moscow declined by 7%. And the fault is not electronic versions of books, but the absence of economic conditions for the survival of bookstores in our country. It is for this reason that the availability of the book for the population is significantly reduced, "the expert concluded. Let's note, according to statistics, for the last 3 years, media consumption in Russia has grown by 8% - primarily due to electronic media: users have become more read e-books, spend time with video games Gods and Myths of Northern Europe DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [H. Davidson] on the Internet. Consumption of printed publications, television and radio, on the contrary, decreased. At the same time, Internet residents in Russia consider the most useful media.

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