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What is Zylon fiber?

asked 2016-05-30 09:51:35 -0500

What is Zylon fiber? How does it compare to Carbon and Kevlar?

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answered 2016-05-30 09:55:08 -0500

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PBO (Poly (p-phenylene-2, 6-benzobisoxazole)) is a liquid crystal polymer developed by Japan-based Toyobo Co., Ltd under the trade name Zylon. Zylon is a trade name for a range of materials manufactured by this company.

Zylon was invented and developed in the 1980s. Like Kevlar , Zylon is used in a number of applications that require very high strength with excellent thermal stability. Tennis racquets, Table Tennis blades, various medical applications, and some of the martian rovers are some of the more well known products.

Zylon is a gold coloured fiber with an initial modulus that is significantly higher than other high modulus yarns, including aramids, the strongest man-made fiber in the world with four extraordinary characteristics:

Extraordinary tensile strength

It is stronger than steel and twice as strong as Kevlar (strength per unit mass).

Remarkably high modulus (resistance of fiber to stretch) - also twice as high as Kevlar

Flame resistance - it will burn only when exposed to atmospheric conditions consisting of at least 68% oxygen, a state that is not naturally encountered in Earth's atmosphere

Incredible thermal stability - it will decompose only at temperatures in excess of 1470° (780oC)Fahrenheit.

One of the few drawbacks is that Zylon fiber degrades by exposure to UV and visible light, seawater and chafing and is therefore protected by a synthetic melted-on jacket.

Each wheel on a Formula 1 race car has two Zylon tethers attached to it, to prevent a wheel from coming loose in an accident. The driver is also protected by a Zylon enclosure.

Source: http://www.formula1-diction...

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